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New Board Games Recommendations Based on Classic Games

New Board Games Recommendations Based on Classic Games

What’s up with board games?

Modern board games are all the rage right now. The hobby succeeds in bringing friends and family together, enjoying each others’ company in real time, away from electronic screens. If you’re new to the board gaming hobby, it may be intimidating to know where to begin.  There are tens of thousands of board games listed on the Board Game Geek website alone. Yikes!

At Downtime board game cafe in Bali, we’ve put together a brief board game recommendations on some popular modern games that you might like, based on some older games you may know

If you like… we recommend…


If you enjoy an abstract, highly skillful strategy game where your pieces each have different ways of moving, you might want to try Hive. In this insect-themed game without a board, your objective is to surround and capture your opponent’s queen bee using your pieces. You have units at your disposal such as spiders, ants, beetles, and grasshopper. Each unit moves in their own particular way. Just don’t violate the prime rule: never break the hive—every piece must be connected!

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders is all about rolling your dice and moving your piece. In the game Deep Sea Adventure, you and your friends get to do that as deep sea divers searching for treasure. Roll the dice to see how far you can dive away from your submarine. Decide to pick up a small treasure now, or wait until you can get a bigger one? Don’t carry too much, because each piece slows you down and depletes your shared oxygen supply. If you run out of oxygen before you make it back to the submarine, all your treasure falls back down to the bottom!


In the game Loonacy, by the makers of the popular card game Fluxx, the object of the game is to match the pictures on the cards in your hand to the pictures on the cards on the table. Where in Uno you only have one discard pile, in Loonacy you can have up to four piles based on the number of players–and did we mention that it’s a real-time, free-for-all, as-fast-as-you-can race to empty your hand?


If you enjoy the act of buying and building real estate, the feel of paper money, and don’t mind the luck of the dice throw, then you may enjoy playing Lords of Vegas. In this game, you are competing to build the most profitable casinos in Las Vegas. You can build casinos, merge them to make bigger ones, fight to take control as the boss of each casino, and collect money and victory points when your casino pays out.


king of tokyo board game
Just like Yahtzee, in King of Tokyo you may roll each of your dice up to three times.  But in this game you are playing as giant monsters, rolling your dice to deal damage and upgrade your powers while you battle each other to be the most feared and powerful monster of them all—the King of Tokyo!

Jenga/Uno Stacko

You love the act of skillfully stacking things (and watching them fall). In the dexterity game Rhino Hero Super Battle, you are a cartoon animal superhero. You build tall buildings out of cards and stand your superhero piece and try to reach the tallest point, at the same time you have to fend off attacks from a bunch of spider monkeys!
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