best currywurst in bali

Have you tried the best currywurst in Bali? You can, if you come to Downtime!

Currywurst is a favorite street food in Berlin, Germany. It consists of sausages, usually smooth bratwurst or sometimes specially-made currywurst sausages, topped with a curry ketchup sauce.

In our version, we start by giving you two large lengths of country bratwurst sausages. We think that the flavor and coarse-ground texture of these sausages best complements the handmade triple-cooked potato fries.

The highlight of course, is our house-made curry ketchup. We take onions, curry powder and other spices, and tomato ketchup to make our fan-favorite curry ketchup.

PS: You can have our curry ketchup whenever you order our Belgian Fries, too!