Preloved Games for Sale

These are games that have been removed from our playing library, and are in need of new homes! Please see the side note regarding the condition of the games.

A: Very good condition
B: Good condition, a little wear
C: Some wear, does not affect gameplay

We also carry a selection of brand-new games available for sale.

Game Title
Price (Rp)
Bunny Bunny Moose Moose (info) 200000A
CV Pocket (info) 250000A
Eight Minute Empire Legends (info) 355000A
Flip City Wilderness (info) 180000A
Fluxx (info) 90000CDamaged box
Indian Summer (info) 800000A
Isle of Trains (info) 180000A
Jaipur (info) 290000BThai
Jalan Jalan (info) 100000AIndonesian
Kancil (info) 110000A
Laga Jakarta (info) 250000AIndonesian
Metro (info) 200000A
Ninja Camp (info) 240000A
Pit Crew (info) 300000A
Power Grid Card Game (info) 230000AJapanese
Shadows Amsterdam (info) 370000A
Tiefe Taschen (info) 320000A
Unmask (info) 110000A
Vertical (info) 200000A