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  • 5k/hour discount
    Becoming a Downtime Member will get you discounted rates of 5k/hour off all your gaming sessions. Which means that weekdays before 5pm, you can play for FREE!
  • 10% off Food and Drink
    Members will receive 10% off all food and beverage orders, to keep your energy levels up while you play!
  • Bring a Friend
    What better way to introduce new people into the hobby? Members can bring one friend with them to play for FREE.
  • Reserve a Table
    We can make sure you have a table! Downtime Members may call us and reserve a table ahead of your visit.
  • VIP Access
    Members will have access to play from our library of Limited Edition and Premium Board games.
  • Event Pass
    As a Member you will be entitled to attend future Members-Only events such as movie screenings, art classes and more!

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Membership enrollment starts at 100k for 3 months.
You may then extend your membership at 50k per month, or 100k for another 3 months.
Forgot to top up? No problem. Come back and rejoin at any time.

Interested in becoming a Downtime Member? Stop by the cafe and speak to one of our staff, we can get you started!