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Game TitlePlayersHow to Play
5211 Azul2-5P, 25minEN
6Nimmt2-10P, 10minEN
7 Wonders2-7P, 30minEN ID
Akrotiri2-2P, 45minEN
Alhambra2-6P, 60minEN ID
Alien Frontiers2-4P, 90minEN
Anno 18002-4P, 120minEN
Apples to Apples4-10P, 20minEN
Arboretum2-4P, 30minEN ID
Architects of the West Kingdom1-5P, 80minEN
Arkham Horror LCG1-2P, 120minEN
Arkham Horror LCG Dunwich Legacy1-2P, 120minEN
Art Society2-4P, 60minEN
Atlantis Rising1-7P, 90minEN
Azimuth1-4P, 30min ID
Azul2-4P, 45minEN ID
Azul Queens Garden2-4P, 60minEN
Azul Stained Glass of Sintra2-4P, 45minEN ID
Azul Summer Pavilion2-4P, 40minEN ID
Bali2-4P, 45minEN
Bang The Dice Game5-8P, 15minEN ID
Barenpark2-4P, 30minEN ID
Battle for Rokugan2-5P, 90minEN
Before The Guests Arrive2-4P, 15minEN
Belfort2-5P, 120minEN
Belratti3-7P, 30minEN ID
Betrayal at House on the Hill3-6P, 60minEN
Biblios3-4P, 30minEN
Bloody Inn1-4P, 60minEN
Bohnanza3-5P, 45minEN ID
Bohnanza The Duel2-2P, 45minEN
Bosk2-4P, 30minEN
Brian Boru3-5P, 90minEN
Broom Service3-5P, 60minEN ID
Bruxelles 18932-5P, 120minEN
Builders Antiquity2-4P, 30minEN ID
Bunny Kingdom2-4P, 60minEN
Burgle Bros1-4P, 60minEN
Calico1-4P, 30minEN ID
Camel Up2-8P, 30min
Camel Up Cards2-6P, 45minEN
Canvas1-5P, 30minEN ID
Carcassonne2-5P, 45minEN ID
Carcassonne 20th Anniv2-5P, 40min
Cascadia1-4P, 45minEN
Cash n Guns4-8P, 30minEN ID
Casting Shadows2-4P, 45minEN
Castles of Burgundy2-4P, 90minEN
Cat Crimes1-1P, 15minEN
Cat in the Box2-5P, 30minEN
Cat Lady2-4P, 20minEN ID
Catan3-4P, 120minEN ID
Celestia3-6P, 30minEN ID
Century A New World2-4P, 40minEN ID
Century Eastern Wonders2-4P, 45minEN
Century Spice Road2-5P, 45minEN ID
Chinatown3-5P, 60minEN ID
Chronicles of Crime1-4P, 75minEN
Circle the Wagons2-2P, 15minEN ID
Citadels3-6P, 60minEN ID
Clank2-4P, 60minEN
Clans of Caledonia1-4P, 120minEN
Cockroach Poker2-6P, 20minEN
Codenames Pictures4-8P, 20minEN ID
Coimbra2-4P, 90minEN
Coloretto2-5P, 30minEN
Colt Super Express3-7P, 20minEN ID
Condottiere2-6P, 45minEN
Cosmic Encounter3-5P, 90minEN
Coup2-6P, 15minEN ID
Crash Octopus1-5P, 20minEN
Crew3-5P, 20minEN ID
Crossing3-6P, 15minEN ID
Cryptid3-5P, 45minEN
Darwins Journey1-4P, 120minEN
Dead of Winter3-5P, 120minEN
Deckscape Behind the Curtain1-6P, 60min
Decorum2-4P, 30minEN
Decrypto4-8P, 30minEN ID
Deep Sea Adventure3-6P, 20minEN ID
Dice Hospital1-4P, 60minEN
Dixit3-6P, 30minEN
Dog Lover2-4P, 30minEN
Dorfromantik1-6P, 60minEN
Downfall of Pompeii2-4P, 45minEN
Downtown Farmers Market2-4P, 20minEN
Draftosaurus2-5P, 15minEN ID
Dragonwood2-4P, 20minEN
Durian2-7P, 20minEN
Elder Sign1-8P, 60minEN
Eleminis2-8P, 15min
Everdell1-4P, 60minEN
Exploding Kittens2-5P, 15minEN
Fantasy Realms3-6P, 15minEN
Five Tribes2-4P, 60minEN ID
Flamecraft1-5P, 60minEN
Fleet Dice Game1-4P, 45minEN
Flotsam Fight2-6P, 30minEN
Fluxx2-6P, 20minEN
For Sale3-6P, 30minEN ID
Forbidden Desert1-5P, 45minEN ID
Fort2-4P, 40minEN ID
Fox in the Forest2-2P, 30minEN ID
Friday1-1P, 25minEN ID
Fuji Flush3-8P, 15minEN ID
Furnace2-4P, 45minEN
FUSE1-5P, 10minEN ID
Ganz Schon Clever1-4P, 30minEN ID
Gap2-6P, 10minEN
Glen More II Chronicles2-4P, 120minEN
Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion1-4P, 90min
Good Cop Bad Cop4-8P, 20minEN ID
Goodcritters4-8P, 30minEN ID
Great Western Trail2-4P, 150minEN
Grizzled2-5P, 30minEN ID
Grove1-1P, 10min
Guild of Merchant Explorers1-4P, 45minEN
Hadara2-5P, 60minEN
Hail Hydra5-8P, 60minEN
Hanabi2-5P, 25minEN ID
Hanamikoji2-2P, 15minEN ID
Hey That’s My Fish!2-4P, 20minEN
Hive2-2P, 20minEN
Honey Buzz1-4P, 60minEN
Iberian Gauge3-5P, 90minEN
Iki2-4P, 75minEN
Imhotep2-4P, 40minEN ID
Imperium Legends1-4P, 120minEN
In a Grove3-4P, 20minEN
Incan Gold3-8P, 30minEN ID
Indian Summer1-4P, 45minEN
Inis2-4P, 90minEN
Inis Seasons of Inis2-5P, 90min
Isle of Cats1-4P, 75minEN
Isle of Skye2-4P, 45minEN ID
Isle of Trains2-4P, 45minEN
Istanbul2-5P, 60minEN ID
Jaipur2-2P, 30minEN ID
Junk Art2-6P, 30minEN
Just One3-7P, 20minEN ID
Keyflower2-6P, 120minEN
King is Dead2-4P, 45minEN
King of Tokyo2-6P, 30minEN ID
Kingdomino2-4P, 20minEN ID
Kingsburg2-5P, 90minEN
Kontour3-7P, 20minEN ID
Kopi King1-6P, 15minEN
Laga Jakarta2-5P, 45min ID
LAMA2-6P, 20minEN
Lanterns: The Emperor’s Gifts2-4P, 30min
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival2-4P, 30minEN ID
Last Will2-5P, 75minEN
Linko2-5P, 20minEN
Long Shot Dice Game1-8P, 25minEN
Loonacy2-6P, 10minEN
Loonacy Mary Engelbreit2-5P, 10min
Loonacy Uglydoll2-6P, 10minEN
Lords of Vegas2-4P, 60minEN ID
Lords of Waterdeep2-5P, 120minEN ID
Lorenzo il Magnifico2-4P, 120minEN
Lost Expedition1-5P, 45minEN ID
Love Letter2-4P, 20minEN ID
Love Letter Batman2-4P, 20minEN ID
Love Letter Infinity Gauntlet2-6P, 15minEN
Machi Koro2-4P, 30minEN ID
Mandala2-2P, 20minEN ID
Marvel United1-4P, 40minEN
Maskmen2-6P, 20minEN
Memoir 442-2P, 60minEN
MicroMacro All In1-4P, 30min
MicroMacro Full House 1-4P, 30min
Mind MGMT1-5P, 60minEN
Mint Delivery1-4P, 25minEN ID
Mint Works1-4P, 20minEN ID
Mists Over Carcassonne1-5P, 35minEN
Modern Art3-5P, 45minEN ID
Monopoly Canggu2-4P, 120min
Monopoly Gamer2-4P, 60minEN
Munchkin Deluxe3-6P, 90minEN
My City2-4P, 30minEN
My Farm Shop2-4P, 45minEN
Mysterium Park2-6P, 30minEN ID
Next Station London1-4P, 25minEN
Nidavellir2-5P, 45minEN ID
Nine Tiles Extreme2-4P, 15min
Ninja Camp2-4P, 30minEN ID
Not Alone2-7P, 45minEN ID
Number2-5P, 15minEN
Obsession1-4P, 90minEN
Oh My Goods2-4P, 30minEN
Oh My Orchids2-5P, 20minEN
Ohanami2-4P, 20minEN ID
On Tour1-4P, 20minEN ID
One Night Ultimate Werewolf3-10P, 10minEN
Onitama2-2P, 20minEN ID
Oriflamme3-5P, 20minEN
Orleans2-4P, 90minEN
Paint the Roses2-5P, 60minEN
Pandemic2-4P, 45minEN ID
Patchwork2-2P, 30minEN ID
Pax Emancipation1-3P, 120minEN
Pax Renaissance2-4P, 120minEN
Phantom Ink4-8P, 15minEN
Photosynthesis2-4P, 60minEN ID
Picture Perfect2-4P, 75minEN
Piepmatz2-4P, 40minEN
Point Salad2-6P, 30minEN ID
Port Royal2-5P, 30minEN ID
Potion Explosion2-4P, 45minEN ID
QE3-5P, 45minEN ID
Quacks of Quedlinburg2-4P, 45minEN
Quarto2-2P, 10minEN
Quests of Valeria1-5P, 30minEN
Radlands2-2P, 30minEN ID
Raiders of the North Sea2-4P, 80minEN
Railroad Ink Blue1-6P, 30minEN ID
Railroad Ink Challenge Green1-4P, 20minEN
Red 72-4P, 15minEN
Res Arcana2-4P, 60minEN
Resistance Avalon5-10P, 30minEN ID
Rhino Hero Super Battle2-4P, 20minEN ID
Risk2-6P, 120minEN
Rococo2-5P, 90minEN
Roll for the Galaxy2-5P, 45minEN
Root2-4P, 90minEN ID
Root Marauder Exp2-6P, 90minEN
Root Riverfolk Exp1-6P, 75minEN
Saboteur3-10P, 30minEN ID
Saboteur 22-12P, 45minEN
Sagrada1-4P, 45minEN ID
Salem 16924-12P, 30minEN
Santo Domingo2-6P, 30minEN ID
Santorini2-4P, 20minEN ID
Scare It1-8P, 20min
Schotten Totten2-2P, 20minEN ID
Scotland Yard3-6P, 45minEN
Scout2-5P, 15minEN
Scrabble2-4P, 90min
Sea Salt and Paper2-4P, 30minEN
Seasons of Rice2-2P, 10minEN ID
Seize the Bean1-4P, 60minEN
Shamans3-5P, 45minEN
Sheriff of Nottingham3-5P, 60minEN
Silver and Gold2-4P, 20minEN ID
Similo2-8P, 10minEN
Skull King2-8P, 30minEN
Small World2-5P, 60minEN ID
So Clover3-6P, 30minEN
Space Base2-5P, 60minEN ID
Spirit Island1-4P, 120minEN
Splendor2-4P, 30minEN ID
Splendor Duel2-2P, 30minEN ID
Splendor Marvel2-4P, 30minEN
Sprawlopolis1-4P, 15minEN ID
Star Realms2-2P, 20minEN
Startups3-7P, 20minEN ID
Suburbia1-4P, 60minEN
Super Foods2-4P, 15min
Survive Escape from Atlantis2-4P, 60minEN
Sushi Go2-5P, 15minEN ID
Sushi Go Party2-8P, 20minEN ID
Taco vs Burrito2-4P, 30minEN
Takenoko2-4P, 45minEN ID
Targi2-2P, 60minEN
Ten1-5P, 20minEN
Teotihuacan1-4P, 120minEN
Ticket to Ride2-5P, 60minEN ID
Ticket to Ride Europe2-5P, 60minEN ID
Ticket to Ride Japan Italy2-5P, 60minEN ID
Timeline Diversity2-8P, 15minEN
Tiny Epic Galaxies1-5P, 45minEN ID
Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black1-5P, 60min
Tiny Epic Quest1-4P, 45minEN
Tiny Towns1-6P, 45minEN ID
Tokaido2-5P, 45min
Tomatomato3-6P, 20minEN
Tortuga 16672-9P, 30minEN
Trails2-4P, 30minEN
Trajan2-4P, 90minEN
Tribes of the Wind2-5P, 90minEN
Troika2-5P, 20minEN ID
Tsuro2-8P, 15minEN ID
Turing Machine1-4P, 20min
Tuscany1-6P, 120min
Tussie Mussie1-4P, 30minEN ID
Tybor the Builder2-4P, 30minEN
Undaunted North Africa2-2P, 45minEN
Unstable Unicorns2-8P, 30minEN
Vaalbara2-5P, 20minEN
Valley of the Kings Afterlife1-4P, 45minEN
Viscounts of the West Kingdom1-4P, 90minEN
Viticulture1-6P, 90minEN
Viticulture: Visit from the Rhine Valley1-6P, 90min
Walking in Burano1-4P, 30minEN
Waroong Wars3-5P, 30min ID
Wavelength2-12P, 30minEN
Wayfarers of the South Tigris1-4P, 75minEN
Welcome To The Moon1-6P, 30minEN
Welcome To…1-99P, 25minEN ID
White Castle1-4P, 80minEN
Wild Space1-5P, 30minEN
Wind The Film2-4P, 20minEN
Wingspan1-5P, 60minEN ID
Wits and Wagers It’s Vegas Baby5-10P, 30minEN
Wizard3-6P, 45minEN
Woodcraft1-4P, 120minEN
Wurfel Bohnanza2-5P, 30minEN
Yokai Septet3-4P, 40minEN
Zombie Dice2-99P, 20minEN