Games for Sale

These are all of the games we currently have for sale. If you’d like to save some extra money maybe you’d like to look at some of our pre-loved games that have been retired from our library.

You are also able to purchase our games online through our store on Tokopedia.

Available in Stock:

Game Title#PlayersPrice (Rp)
7 Wonders Architects (info)2-7780000
Cabo (info)2-4325000
Carcassonne (info)2-5645000
Cat Lady (info)2-4420000
Chinatown (info)3-5700000
Citadels (info)3-6465000
Corinth (info)2-4405000
Coup (info)2-6200000
Decrypto (info)4-8375000
Dixit Odyssey (info)3-12490000
Exploding Kittens (info)2-5325000
Flamecraft (info)1-5690000
Flip Ships (info)1-4430000
Jaipur (info)2-2400000
Just One (info)3-7400000
Kanagawa (info)2-4480000
Marvel United (info)1-4645000
Modern Art (info)3-5500000
Pandemic (info)2-4680000
Patchwork (info)2-2535000
Point Salad (info)2-6295000
Resistance Avalon (info)5-10275000
So Clover (info)3-6400000
Splendor (info)2-4590000
Ticket to Ride (info)2-5890000
Timeline Classic (info)2-6170000
Waroong Wars (info)3-5210000