The First Board Game Cafe in Bali! Check it out!

Welcome to Downtime!

Downtime is the first board game cafe to open in the beautiful island of Bali. Yay!

What is a board game cafe?

A board game cafe is a place where fans of board games could eat, drink, hang out, socialize, and play some of the best board games available. Downtime has a library of over 100 different titles from casual games like 6 Nimmt and Sushi Go, to modern classics such as Catan and Pandemic, to some heavy brain-burners such as Great Western Trail and Keyflower.

How did Downtime come about?

There is a growing community of board game enthusiasts living here on Bali. For a long time, we would meet at a cafe once a week to play board games. We would bring our own games and ride our motorbikes to a cafe somewhere, sometimes risking rain damage to our precious cardboard games, for a chance to socialize with and match wits against our friends. It was not always perfect. Some cafes were too packed, some had bad food, some cafes had broken air conditioning, and so on. After a while, we located an available retail spot in Kerobokan and decided to take a chance and open our own shop. Now finally we have a place to store all our board games and create a food menu that’s actually good!

How is the food?

We don’t like to brag, but we think we’ve done quite well with our menu! Our Basil Chicken rice bowl is always a fan-favorite, our Belgian Fries are crispy and fantastic, and our Crispy Chicken Burger is one of our best-selling meals. Is the food good? We have repeat customers who visit us again and again, only to eat–not play board games. So… yeah?

I want to play, but I only know Monopoly!

That’s ok, come by anyway. There’s usually someone who can help and show you how to play some of the newer games in five minutes or less! If you’re interested, you can join the Bali Board Games Community group on Facebook. They have regular events where you can come and meet new interesting people while playing board games.

What games do you have?

We currently have a list of 100 (and growing) different titles available to you our customers. You can see a complete list and links to their descriptions, along with reviews and instructions on YouTube, on our Library page.

Where are you located?

This is our address:

Jl. Tangkuban Perahu No. 8E
Kerobokan, Bali 80361

See you soon!


The place looks amazing, food is amazing, staff is amazing. The only this place does not have yet is Dungeons & Dragons. I understand that it would require a lot of time and energy to prepare! It’s a shame since it’s the only thing I miss from home.

melissa muller


Do you sell board games?


Hi, we do have a few board games available. Please call or WA our shop for more info. Thanks!

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