Board Games with Negotiation


One of the many aspects that makes a modern classic like Catan fun and enjoyable is that Catan is one of many board games with negotiation as a central mechanism. For example, you can trade and barter with other players: “I can give you two wood, in exchange for a sheep and a brick”

If you enjoy other board games with negotiation, here are a few other games in our library you ought to try:


This is a compact, tight little card game about bean farming (really!). You will have to barter with other players to get more cards that you need to extend your farm, and most importantly, to get rid of cards from your hand that may ruin your nicely cultivated bean farm.

Sheriff of Nottingham

In the board game Sheriff of Nottingham, players must each submit a bag of goods to the Sheriff for inspection, before they are allowed to claim those goods for victory points. An essential part of the gameplay of this bluffing game is that you are allowed to negotiate, bribe, trade, and pay off the Sheriff so that they will be more likely to pass your goods through (along with any high-value contraband goods).

Cosmic Encounter

Cosmic Encounter is another example of board games with negotiation. You and other players race to be the first to invade and colonize 5 other planets to win the game. In doing so, you may negotiate and invite other players to join your invasion fleet… or as defenders you may invite others to join your defense. There are even Negotiate cards that force combatants to negotiate a mutually agreeable outcome to combat.


The goal of Chinatown is to build and expand shops and businesses in adjacent locations on the map. Chinatown is in my opinion the best example of board games with negotiation. You have no choice but to negotiate with other players, trading or buying favorable real estate locations, and/or shop tiles to build your business empire. Anything goes in this delightful negotiation strategy game.

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